Frequently Asked Questions

  •   How are Oncor trees eco-friendly?
    1. 1.  Oncor Recycled Christmas trees are made of 100% recycled PVC plastic instead of new plastic, thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels in the production process. All Oncor Christmas trees are also made from non-toxic PVC with tin-based stabilizers instead of lead.

    2. 2.  We use only the best quality raw materials and tree parts to give all Oncor trees a minimum 30-year product life. Therefore, consumers can reuse our trees to make 30 or more joyful Christmases eco-friendly.

    3. 3.  Oncor green boxes are made from strong corrugated recycled material cardboard with a transparent resin coating on the surface to resist dampness. Consumers can therefore continually reuse our boxes to store Oncor trees after Christmas.

    4. 4.  All Oncor tree trunks are made with a unique technology of paint-coating both sides of the metal pipes and all wire branches to prevent rust for at least 30 years. As such, there will be no rust stains in the tree box when it is opened for Christmas.

    5. 5.  We use only high-impact, high-density plastic hooks, hinges, and parts which will not crack or break after injection with normal wear and tear.

  •   Why are pre-lit trees not eco-friendly?
    1. 1.  In keeping with our purpose: "Making Christmas Eco-Friendly", we have opted to not produce pre-lit Christmas trees as most tree lights are prone to malfunction within a few years after purchase.

    2. 2.  Consumers wishing to reuse pre-lit trees for many years may not have the required skills to properly take down, store, and set up these trees annually. There are many fire accidents and electric shocks caused by incorrect usage of pre-lit trees.

    3. 3.  Pre-lit trees are pre-wired and strung with lights that cannot be removed from the trees, even when consumers want to change the colour of the lights or to replace some damaged lights a few years after purchase.

    4. 4.  Pre-lit trees cannot be reused for 30+ years as Oncor Recycled trees can. As well, pre-lit trees may be a fire hazard to residential properties and can contain toxic heavy metal elements such as lead.

    5. 5.  Pre-lit trees are not made of 100% recycled PVC plastic material because they are classified as electrical products and are subject to mandatory UL/CSA regulations. As such, pre-lit trees are not eco-friendly

  •   What is the difference between hinged and hooked trees?
    1. 1.  Hooked trees can support more decorations than hinged trees and are easier to shape branches tip by tip. Thus, hooked trees may look fuller after shaping.

    2. 2.  Hinged trees are heavier and more difficult to shape, but have the advantage of being a little faster to set up as a whole.

  •   What is your Canada return policy?
    1. 1.  Returns of Canada orders are accepted within 30 days of receipt.

    2. 2.  The buyer is responsible for shipping the tree(s) back to our factory in Dongguan, China in order to receive a 100% refund of the original purchase price.

    3. 3.  As per Chinese Customs regulations, Oncor needs to pay an import duty on the returned tree(s), plus an extra 13% Value Added Tax, at the post office when we pick up the package, or pay to the courier in cash when they deliver the package to our factory.

    4. 4.  A full refund of the original purchase price in CAD will be issued immediately after the return has been checked. 

  •   Why returning the tree to factory?
    1. 1.  Currently, there is no recycling facility in your country, or region, that is capable to recycle any artificial Christmas tree.

    2. 2.  Most returned Christmas trees to the cross-boarder online sellers were ending up in the landfills across your country, or region, without being used.

    3. 3.  To avoid littering your environment, Oncor requests our eco-friendly and responsible customers to return the tree, within 30 days of receipt, to our factory for recycling, reusing, and re-manufacturing all materials, tree parts, and packaging, with zero waste.

    4. 4.  If the customer could not afford the returning arrangement, he or she may choose another alternative, by taking time to donate the tree to a local charity in the original condition.

    5. 5.  This requires the customer to repack the tree in order to help the local charity reselling the tree to another user for using 30 years or more.

    6. 6.  If the customer chooses to donate tree within 30 days of receipt, Oncor will email the repacking requirements for the customer to follow and email the required photos for confirmation before donating.

    7. 7.  On receipt of confirmation, customer can then donate the tree and send us a charity receipt, so that we can refund 100% of the original purchase price to the customer immediately.

  •   Where can I find replacement assembly instructions?
    Please email us the SKU number and model name of the Christmas tree that you require instructions for. We will then send the appropriate digital assembly instructions for your Oncor Christmas tree.

  •   Does the height of each Oncor tree include the stand?
    The stated height of each Oncor Recycled Christmas tree includes the stand. As well, some of the top tip of Oncor trees are folded in half and therefore must be straightened in order to reach the tree's stated height.

  •    Why you do not sell Christmas wreaths and garlands?
    Oncor is the only international specialist in artificial Christmas trees. We do not manufacture any Christmas wreaths or garlands or any other Christmas decorations.

    We specialize in making Recycled Christmas trees just from 3 feet (90cm) to 12 feet (360cm) with the best quality raw materials and tree parts to give all Oncor trees a minimum product life of 30 years.

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